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ControlLogix PLC programming tutorial

The CLXTrainer - is ControlLogix PLC programming intro and tutorial training software

Includes an introduction to ControlLogix tutorial with an overview of RSLogix 5000 (controllogix plc programming software). Software CD has a final exam, laboratory manual and the ability to print a Certificate of Completion.
(certificate program)

controllogix plc programming
Looking for "Controllogix PLC"? Then you need this Process Automation Controller (PAC)training.

The first part of understanding ControlLogix, is to realize it is not just a PLC, it is a PAC. You may already know PLCs, but PACs are much different. From number of processors, to scan cycle method, to memory structure, to the built in motion controller, and much more. If you are not aware of those differences or new to theControlLogix, you need this controllogix tutorial.

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