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Most find our training seminars unlike any other they have attended before hosted by other providers. No boring instructor reading a PowerPoint to them, they learn by doing with our hands on training. Manuals are for reference, we teach skills they actually will use in the workplace. Although we offer training simulation software to supplement our workshops, we use real equipment in these important foundation building workshops.

The instructor roams the class to see customer is performing every task using the best practice methods we teach. We explain why the safe practices that only we teach, are necessary. Customers bring nothing to the workshops / seminars, they leave with a lot of extra learning material to encouraged continued education.

More importantly they leave with a in which to build on.

3 Regional PLC Training Locations

PLC Training Seminars in St. Louis, Atlanta and Denver

We deliver a best-practices, safety and reliability focused PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) training Seminar.  Start with the basics, then move on to troubleshooting, then learn the foundations of good PLC programming while writing your first safe and reliable IEC-1131 compliant PLC program. 1.6 CEU

Attendees will receive extensive hands-on training with the lap top using RS Logix and a real PLC. A crash course in how to reduce downtime while working with PLCs. You not only learn how to, but the best way to, the safest way to, and the most reliable way to work with PLCs. Also class sizes are kept small, we do not cancel so you can book now.

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St. Louis PLC Training Seminar

Atlanta PLC Training Seminar

Denver PLC Training Seminar

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Featured PLC training seminar workshop in beautiful DTC Denver, CO. Starts: 08/19/2014 08:00AM Ends: 2014-08-21:00.000 Duration: 08:00
4600 S. Syracuse Street P.O. Box: 9th Floor Denver, CO 80237 USA