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PLC Training course

Unlike all the other PLC training options available to you, we deliver best-practices, safety and reliability focused PLC training, have been for 19+ years. We don't just teach your employees how to perform the related task, we actually train them on the best way to perform those task while minimizing downtime. In addition, we maximize the knowledge, skill and experience employees get from our 5 day on-site PLC training workshop by only teaching them what they will actually use in the workplace. All of our customized on-site PLC training meets or exceeds the high standards of world class training, earn CEUs and qualifies for most state reimbursement programs.

The Best for Less

The result of our best-practices, safety, reliability and reduction of downtime focused PLC Training? You get the greatest return on your training investment, your employees excel further than they would with any other training or educational option. We go even further by encouraging employees to continue their education to go on to become PLC experts. To help with this objective we provide each with a gig of extra free learning material and a path via our other cost effective specialized PLC training solutions. We also encourage your employees to utilize our 24 hour support email should they need some extra PLC related assistance. Yes you could opt for less expensive options like a $20 book and learn on your own solution or sending them to a classroom at your local community college, but you will pay a lot greater cost in the long run by increased downtime, reduced reliability and unnecessary risk to your company. We have not raised our prices in over a decade so we can honestly say we offer the best for less. Customers have seen savings of 1-10 times what the training cost, in the first year of downtime savings and increased reliability. We still maintain our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau too. Request your free quote today.


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