About BIN95 Industrial Training Services

Closing the skills gap with the best for less.

Business Industrial Network's core business is delivering world class onsite engineering and maintenance training, specializing in Allen Bradley equipment.

With over 150 facilities at our disposal for local training, we deliver off-site maintenance training in most major US cities. We conduct maintenance training seminars in Atlanta, Denver and St. Louis.

Through our subsidiary, Feed Forward Publications, we offer maintenance, engineering and other industrial related training material. Some of our management, electrical and mechanical related training material offered are industrial video courses, PLC Training Equipment, interactive training software, PLC programming examples, Power Points, CDs and CBTs (Computer Based Training courses), EBooks, pocket guides.

We have authors and affiliates around the world and sell to over 120 countries.

Our management philosophy is to always give the customer more than they expect and everybody is a customer.

Our goals are to maintain unique, highly competitive pricing and scheduling structure while bridging the knowledge gap between OEMs and their End-users ,closing the skills gap between employees and what employers need.

Note: Some of our courses and training in reliability engineering may be considered postgraduate industrial engineering courses.